The Mysterious Ingredients

What’s the Sloppy Portobello Veggie Burger made of?

burger buncheese pilechopped tomatoescurry pattiedeep curry powdergrilled zucchinioatsparsleyportobellopotatoesromaine lettuceveggie sticks

Sesame-encrusted Burger Bun
Cheddar Cheese slice
Chopped Tomato Salsa
Vegetable Patty
Curry powder
Grilled Zucchini
Rolled oats
Romaine lettuce
Carrot & Celery sticks

Put it all together, do the hokey-pokey, that’s what it’s all a-bout!

Construction of a Sloppy Portobello Veggie Burger

Next up – full-on, hardcore, Sloppy Portobello Veggie Burger pr0n. STAY TUNED!!

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