Trick or Treat ? ( mainly treats !)

3 more days and it’d be Halloween … Yes, that kan-tang ( that’s potato for the local dialect-challenged ) holiday that nobody really celebrates.. Except for our makeup-loving, ghoul-worshipping slugphiles of course!

So come on down this Halloween , ie, 31 Oct Saturday and get some hellishly delicious treats from us!

Halloween Muahahaha...ffins...

(Rather) Scary muffins~ Petite Blueberry muffins topped with white chocolate and emblazoned with (rather) scary edible icing designs. We’ll pack each muffin in a little twist bag, so you can go Trick or Treatin” with them. Sweet! Every customer gets one on the house, while the scares last!

The Bloody Muscle Mary

Check out our sexy Bloody Macho Mary ( non-alchoholic, with refreshing watermelon crush and spices).. Come in ghoulish costume and /or  make up and we’d give you one of these babies absolutely free! Mere mortals can purchase this devilish drink for $6.50 ( non alch) and $10.50 ( with premium Absolut vodka added)

So, come on down! BOOOO!!!

The Ghoulish Slug & Friend