Thank You Joey & Paul !( aka Fei Mao)

Chocolates AND a love letter from Joey! Ha!

Check out these lovely chocolates from Joey and Paul.. Joey celebrated her husband’s birthday at The Garden Slug on Friday night, and we’re so happy that they enjoyed themselves! So now, we must hao-lian a bit. ( Just kidding, we are just humbly sharing our joy!! ).. This is what Joey wrote in her card :

Dearest Sophia, Joseph, Shaun and the other guys who was helping out last night ( Alex and Kenny)..  Thank You ! I really cannot say this enough. You are the best people I’ve had the fortune to meet.. From your sincerity, helpfulness and fantastic enthusiasam, and excellent food… Every one was really impressed, and I am totally blown away. Hugs to all, and all the best!  Joey + Paul Bday Boy “

Joey, you know what? Actually Alex slug told me just now that you are one of the nicest customers we’ve ever had too.. He was so touched that at the end of the party, you actually helped the staff to pack up.. You were also so concerned that the staff would have to stay late and they may be exhausted ..  So truly, the pleasure was all ours! Here’s a toast from The Garden Slug to you and Paul, wishing you both lots of health and happiness!

Chocolates from Joey

The chocolates were divine! Thank you for making our day 🙂

One Reply to “Thank You Joey & Paul !( aka Fei Mao)”

  1. Yeah, Joey was a great lady to start with, and paul even came up to all of us after the party and shook our hands and said “thank you”.. Felt soooooo touched…..