Here comes the bride.. and groom.. and 40 friends & relatives :-)

Dillon and Angie, sitting in a tree...

This morning, Angie and Dillon held their solemnization party at The Garden Slug .. And what a lovely day it was, to quote Kenny Slug, it was “hot but windy”.. The sky was a magnificent bright blue and it was so breezy…


Rainbow helium balloons!

The JOP Table

Getting the table ready for the solemnization..

Rose Petals et al

Check out the rose petals!

And erm I gotta wait for Dillon to email us the food photos.. Coz after setting up the solemnization table, it started to get really busy, and I had no chance to whip out my trusty digicam again. Gosh we have to show you the lovely muffins that Dillon and Angie designed! So Dillon, if you are reading this, Thank You for entrusting us with your big day.. You and Angie have been such gracious and friendly folks 🙂


The Garden Slug congratulates you both and we wish you a lifetime of joy, love and laughter !

One Reply to “Here comes the bride.. and groom.. and 40 friends & relatives :-)”

  1. Yeah, i think i did say that to soph….

    Nice balloons, too bad i was not there in the morning, but i managed to give something to the party…….. the initial drawing on the board was a gift frm me to Dillion and Angie…. with the touch up by soph, it was alot nicer 🙂