The slugs go to Woodstock!

Taking Woodstock

The Garden Slug was invited to provide  food for the cocktail reception  of Ang Lee’s “Taking Woodstock” film premiere tonight!

We had a whale of a time planning the menu.. we wanted it to reflect the pyschedelic 70s.. Lots of colours and lots of kitschy references to Americana. 🙂

Join Joseph slug and me, on the trip we took…

Fortune Cookies all the way from San Francisco

Check out our brand new Pull-up banner… Sharon slug did the artwork.. nice hor?! We brought in some Fortune cookies all the way from San Francisco, they were delicious and gosh, the messages inside were a real hoot! Examples : ” The lights may all go out but your stars still shine bright” .. “The path runs smoothly for those pure in heart“. Like, what the?! :-0

Fortune Cookies, Fortune Teapot, and of course Chicken Chop Suey

Bigger pic of the Fortune cookies. Check out the “Fortune Tea pot” we brought along .. Next to it, you’ll see our take on american Chicken Chop Suey, stuffed in cool Japanese cucumbers and topped with roasted pine  nuts.

Tie Dye Brownies

Check out the crazy colours!  These are our TieDye Brownies!
Overheard at the party…
Lady: “Oh what are these?”
Man:”These are Tie-Dye brownies”…
Lady: “So interesting, ‘Tai Tai brownies’. I’m also a Tai Tai, u know.. hahahah”

Sour dough brioche topped with melted brie, skinned tomatoes and basil

Sour dough brioche topped with melted brie, skinned tomatoes and basil.

Our spin on a New York-style  Waldorf Salad

Our spin on a New York-style  Waldorf Salad, with butter-grilled Apples, baby potatoes, almonds and sultanas in our homemade salad cream with lemon zest.

Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroomsthe legal way! Whole white buttons stuffed with hand-made Holland mash,topped with Cheddar and soy bacon and sun-dried parsley.

New agey Grilled Tofu & Broccoli kebabs

New agey Grilled Tofu & Broccoli kebabs, glazed with honey mustard and hand-pounded peauts. Now, all we need is a pair of birkenstocks to go with it.

Ok.. Now go dream of pink elephants and flying monkeys!! zz

One Reply to “The slugs go to Woodstock!”

  1. I was there last night 🙂

    The food was absolutely ‘boomz’! Lurve the mushroom, the broccolli & potato salad. Wish TGS has them on the menu.

    Well done Slugs!