Introducing our new Village Hunk

Village Hunk-of-a-Tiramisu, that is.

Each portion is hacked out of a larger tray “rustically”… the village way.
Village Hunk-of-a-Tiramisu

We heeded your feedback & got rid of all that fastidiousness, and went back to the basics.
Pls welcome... the new Tiramisu

We set it free & no longer hold it captive within the constraints of that little glass ramekin.

More freedom means more brandy, more mascarpone, more indulgence.


4 Replies to “Introducing our new Village Hunk”

  1. awww. i was REALLY expecting a hunk actually. haa
    looking gd though!

    glad it broke free from the glass house 🙂

  2. Hi, I was at TGS today with my 2 kids (I’m the girl with the baby in carrier and little boy who asked for water) for the “My Cat is Cuter than Your Cat” Luncheon and wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your food, decor, concept, and the wonderful warm and friendly folk working there. I really think the people are what make a diner great. Makes it a kind of second home where you eat home cooked food. Don’t change that! The tiramisu was to die for and I totally loved the sausages and fish and pasta. You have a fan for life! We’ll be back. 😀

  3. Hey Christina, thank you so much for the kind words *blushing madly* 🙂 It’s folks like you who keep us going!

    Looking forward to seeing you & your two little munchkins again soon! 🙂