Do good, feel good, we all need food!!

apple cartons by you.

Sorry about the horrid rhyming.. I’ve yet to shake off the melatonin stupor.. Apples!! Yes, this is our latest community project for   Last week, Nicholas ( sweetest sweetheart this side of the east and he cooks too! ) asked us if we are keen to participate in a soup kitchen programme, where they feed 200+ needy folks twice per mth.  They’ve already found someone to provide the food, so we thought apples may be a good addition to a well-rounded meal. Off I went to the wholesale market and loaded 2 cartons of these juicy babies into the slime-green slug mobile..

The people who manage Projectkyrie are mainly Catholics, but they truly embrace diversity.. The needy folks who benefit from this food programme are from all religions, race and creed. There is no discrmination whatsoever. We like ! 🙂

Only 3 more days to National Day… I’ve always appreciated the peace in Singapore, so let’s take it 1 step further, and truly celebrate diversity too!