How to Twitter your way to Double Cheese Lava Nachos cheap cheap

This National Day long weekend, in line with the govt’s call for a Kinder Singapore (no lah, no tacky discount on “everything that’s red & white”) here’s a special offer to share el Double Cheese Lava Nachos on the cheap!

Double Cheese Lava Nachos!

Although, on closer look, it does look kinda red & white hor? Kind of lah. Anyhoo, we’ll get to the cheap part later.

How’s this in line with the S’pore Kindness Movement, you ask?

Hello, is el muchos muchos nachos! Look at the size of this baby & the amount of cheese heaped on it – you can’t possibly finish it all by yourself lah you greedy selfish oaf!! MUST SHARE WITH FRIENDS OK?!

So yeah, be kind & share & you know what – we’re giving a $4.40 discount on every Double Cheese Lava Nachos purchased (because s’pore is turning 44 this year, nyahaha!) BUT there’s a big cheesy catch here:

You need a super-patriotic coupon code.

How to obtain said coupon code? 2 easy steps.

1. Follow us on Twitter.

2. Demand the coupon code from our Twitterslug!

~ that’s all. Easy peasy. ~


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2 Replies to “How to Twitter your way to Double Cheese Lava Nachos cheap cheap”

  1. Hi there! It’s $12.90 nasty (i.e. original) price for the nachos, $8.50 patriotic price….
    Save $4.40 !! 🙂