Piping Hot Slug Fan Night pics! THANK YOU Y’ALL !

We had a fabulous Fan NiteThank you everybody 🙂 Here’s the slug p0rn fresh off the digicam 🙂

 The calm before the storm

6pm.. Getting the outdoor area ready ( Can you see Laura in the background? )

We can haz Helium balloons!

The Chirpy entrance!

Tower of Fruit Kebabs
Tower of Fruit kebabs

Comfort Food, Comfortable Food
Comfort Food!

M&M - Makan & Mingle
730pm ..Before you know it, we were packed with fans! We arranged the tables communal-style so people ate together and mingled 🙂

Mysterious Tarot Reading corner
Our Tarot corner. We tried to make it look as mysterious as possible..

April the Ocassional Tarot Master & Tim
Our 1st Tarot customer- Tim! That’s April, our ocassional Tarot master! We heard that April was spot-on with her cards..

Cookie Decorating Contest
Cookie decor Contest

Cookie Decorating Contest Contestants
The entries. These slug fans sure have a good sense of humor. Somebody submitted a 3/4  eaten cookie ..

Carina the Massage Therapist & Lingmin
Carina , the massage therapist we all love! She and Pam ( her assistant) were kind enough to give the slug fans 5 minute shoulder and hand massages! Both Joe slug and I go to her weekly. For a seriously good massage, contact Carina or Pam at 64462621 of Ashee Bodyworks to make an appointment. Their cozy shop is just at the basement of Siglap Centre, next to Watsons. Check out Lingmin”s blissed out look :-0

Sporty Jane & Sophia Slug
Our 1st guest- Sporty Jane!

Sport Jane's entry for the Cookie Decorating Contest
Jane’s entry for the cookie decor contest.. Check out the amazing detailing .. It says, “ Food Aah!”  Jane explained that the garden slug’s about to eat its house… Gory stuff. A PG18 cookie, who would have thought!?

Daniel & Rose of SG Butterfly
Daniel and Rose

The Garden Slug is a big fan of you, you, you, you, you, you, and you
More hardcore fans!

 Old friends: Lynette, Jamie BigMamma, Bel & Joseph Slug
Lynnette-Jamie-Ah Bel-Joe slug
Jamie gamely had all her hair snipped off in aid of the Cancer cause. You are rocking the look, girl !

With Love from PawPledge
So incredibly sweet.. We’re touched!

Joseph Slug & PK Tan - winner of FB mini photo submission contest!
PK Tan! Our winner for the Facebook best photo contest

Joseph Slug & Charmaine - winner of cookie decorating contest!
Charmaine- Best cookie award..She won by a landslide in the voting!

Joseph Slug & Aline - winner of door goodie bag
Aline- she won our door goodie bag contest!

Slugz Powah!!! Rarrr!
The Slug Gang!

(L-R) Leo, Joe, PuiYee, Shaun, Sophia, Jian Yun, Hans and Jose — Thank you for holding the fort, everybody! While Joe and I were busy looking like Tatler extras. 🙂

Look out for the link to Justin’s vid.. He was such a good sport.. he sang, strummed and played MC as well 🙂

Gdnite everybody! We had a blast, and we are so stoked that everybody from the RSVP guestlist actually turned up..Still can’t believe it! Get some rest everybody.. We’re all partied out!!

2 Replies to “Piping Hot Slug Fan Night pics! THANK YOU Y’ALL !”

  1. Indeed, we had a wonderful time. It feels great catching up with fans, friends and regulars, rarely not online and this time over satays and beers! Sporty Jane, Jamiebel, Rosedaniel, Tim, Clarenick, Med, etc etc..

    The team slug did superb, as always! Always expect a great party with you guys! What can I say?! You are the best! Love you guys!

  2. Many thanks for the fantastic party~

    Although I travelled from Jurong, it was all so worth it*

    Look forward to paying you guys a visit agn soon!