We’ve got grass ( the legal kind) !!

Goodbye Drain, Hello Grasspatch

We’ve got grass !! Yes, the construction guys have finally completed their road-laying.. Here’s a pic of the 1st baby grass shoots… It’d take some time before the grass grows more lush.  Meanwhile, we’re just grateful that the drain’s been filled up nicely and we’ve got a sidewalk extension of sorts!

3 Replies to “We’ve got grass ( the legal kind) !!”

  1. Good thing about this covered walkway is that our clumsy 4-legged furry friends won’t fall into the drain accidentally :-0

  2. Yep, no more “heli-drop” for them..

    The new glam Lor L boulevard.. makes al fresco dining more delightful..

    Let’s jazz it up further with some interesting features or colourful plants..