Slug Fan Day 21 July Tues 730pm .. FOR You, You & You!

We’re soo thrilled that we recorded Fan #300 on our Facebook Fanclub.. So, let’s celebrate!! ūüôā

Come for our SLUG FAN DAY! This is a day for all our fans and friends, ie YOU!

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Everything you see here is on the house !! Yes, we’ve gone bonkers …. :-0

So, chop chop RSVP! We’ve only got space for 55 slugphiles!

satay man by you.

We’ve got a Satay Man! (but maybe younger and less hardcore¬†than this uncle..)

slug food by you.

Lots of Slug Comfort Food!!

 singer 2 by you.

Live entertainment ( Keeping my fingers crossed that Justin, our performer, is as cute as this fella here)

tarot reader by you.

Tarot reading! — our reader doesnt have such humongous…erm ¬†hair.

 cookie decor by you.

Cookie decor contest w cool slug merchandise up for grabs

massage therapist by you.

Advice from Carina, Massage Therapist extraordinaire!


 rainbow balloons by you.

Rainbow Balloons galore!

See you guys next Tuesday ~


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