M.I.B part deux!

Earlier on today.. Joe, Jianyun ( new slug on board! ) and I whipped out our M.I.B garb again.. Black shirt+ Black pants+Black shoes+ Black face…. :-0

Oh gosh, come to think of it, even the trusty ol” slug mobile is black!  Yup, we’re off to cook for an uber cool all-black party again! Round 2 ! *ding ding*

hypnotic chandelier @ client's place

Our work area was lit by a hypnotic chandelier… Check out the interesting shadows cast on the funky turquoise walls.Psychedelic whoa….

Spot the Mickey Mouse ears?

We’ll be using black plates for dinner service today.. I think it’s the anarex talking.. but don’t the plates look like Mickey Mouse ears from some angle? zzz…

Blended Mushroom soup with a rosemary infusion

Blended Mushroom soup with a rosemary infusion, served with a precariously-balanced Grissini stick.. Reminds me of the movie, “Man on wire“.. Have u slugphiles seen it? Best flick I caught this year.. I think it may still be screening at GV Vivo Europa.

Rustic Greek Salad

Our guests requested for Greek Salad again, we’re glad that they liked it the first time round.. Notice the irregularly-shaped feta cheese? We’re proud that it’s sloppy-looking as it is lovingly home-marinated and doesnt come out in processed little neat cubes.

Provencale Chicken ratatouille

Finally, we managed to snap some shots of the main meal.. This will be the Provencale Chicken ratatouille.. The tri-coloured capsicum and aubergines spent so much time in the oven that they are almost caramelized. We created a fun side of Grilled Zucchini boat stuffed with warm Lime-buttered fussilli swirls.

Stack of pan-seared Pacific Dory

This is something new 🙂  Stack of pan-seared Pacific Dory, drizzled with a Grape and Garlic emulsion, and topped with a little smear of creme fraiche. ( Same sides as the other mentioned main )

Sweet Amuse Bouche...

Notice the quasi dreamy effect? haha.. just for a pre-bedtime laugh..  We served a little dish of Sweet Amuse Bouche of Semi-sweet Brownie popsicle + White chocolate dipped Strawberry encrusted with jewels of mortared pistachios + Dollop of tangy Orange conserve , to balance the richness of the first two sweet items.

Hope u guys enjoyed the food pOrn! Gotta go crash now… I”m going to be the earliest slug tomorrow morning at the shop. …  Gdnite!  zzZZZzz