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Mo Joe’s Weekend Cajun Fish Special !

  Hey fish-loving folks! Drop by over this weeked for our special ! Mo-Joe’s Cajun battered white fish! Home-marinated white dory, battered with savory cajun spices… Served with our  hand-crafted  tartare sauce, juicy lemons AND sides of holland mashed potatoes and green

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“The road to The Garden Slug is paved with new tiles & stuff “

I took this snapshot earlier on today at around 230pm.. The good folks from Bright centre are going to be covering up the exterior drainage area .. This means that we”ll have a covered walkway next to our diner. Yay!

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Cat muffins sold out ! New batch=14 Jun Sunday

Thanks to the wonderful folks who supported the pawpledge stand today, all the muffins crafted by The Garden Slug were sold out as of noon! However, we”ll have a new batch out tomorrow, ie, Sunday 14 June. Same place as per the blogpost

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Cat muffins !!

The Garden Slug hearts the good folks from who are doing so much good stuff for the neglected cats and dogs on the streets of singapore. So, we made them these mega cute mini blueberry muffins that are topped

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The Garden Slug on Twitter

Are you more of a Tweeter than a Facebooker? Follow us @thegardenslug. We tweet our daily specials, event notifications, seating availability etc. We’ll also tweet who’s manning the shop so you can pop by & visit your favourite slug, heh!

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Singapore's best-kept secret yet

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