“The road to The Garden Slug is paved with new tiles & stuff “

A little bit of reno at the al fresco dining area

I took this snapshot earlier on today at around 230pm.. The good folks from Bright centre are going to be covering up the exterior drainage area .. This means that we”ll have a covered walkway next to our diner. Yay! Let’s hope it’d be tiled too, we want a boulevard !!  🙂  So far, we have not experienced any noise and dust at all as the construction guys have been diligently blocking off the areas that are being worked on.  — So, yes ! Our sanity is still intact 🙂 They mentioned that the project will be chopchop completed in 3 weeks’ time..

Have a great week ahead, slugphiles !

2 Replies to ““The road to The Garden Slug is paved with new tiles & stuff “”

  1. I haven’t been back to Singapore in almost a year! I really miss The Garden Slug where I hung out with my bestie because we live(d) around the area. She has since moved away from Telok Kurau but she is in Germany missing the cosy place and yummy treats too..!

    Love from California,

  2. Hey Rachel, How’s sunny california been so far? We’re actually having a fan day next Tues… Such a shame that you girls can’t join us! Send us pics of California!