The Garden Slug on Twitter

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The Garden Slug on Twitter

We tweet our daily specials, event notifications, seating availability etc. We’ll also tweet who’s manning the shop so you can pop by & visit your favourite slug, heh! (We’re guessing Jose Mari’s the new slug-throb, what with the bulging muscles & recent display of flambé-ing skills!)

Feel free to tweet us to place reservations, give feedback on food, service, decor etc. (tell us if any of our slugs or the next door parrot is misbehaving) and ask anything of us (short of our secret recipes lah), or even chit chat & talk about the weather. Let us know what you’d like us to tweet about too. Take it as our one-stop dedicated digital call centre!


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One Reply to “The Garden Slug on Twitter”

  1. Amazing!! One of our Tweeter followers did actually come for our Thursday Chicken Ratatouille Special 🙂 Alamak! forgot to ask for the young couple’s name ….