10 Tips from Happy People

10. Live in a happy country
9. Solve problems
8. Simplify your life
7. Exercise
6. Accept emotions, positive or negative
5. Spend time in nature
4. Buy happiness – if that’s possible
3. Meditate
2. Study positive psychology
1. Don’t be happy

Curious, especially the last one. Read the full article here.

Happiness is in the palm of your hand

Happiness truly is, simply, in the palm of your hand…

4 Replies to “10 Tips from Happy People”

  1. Some of my own daily mental reminders…

    1. Be gentle or gentler to others , especially towards loved ones & good friends
    2. Be encouraging to others in tough times
    3. Contribute to good causes, if you have spare cash/time
    4. Prozac.. haha.. just kidding!

    But honestly, helping other people sincerely , without expecting anything in return, adds to an individual’s happiness! 🙂 The positivity just seems to multiply! 🙂

  2. Oh, Luke, I can’t believe you would say that : (

    Having lived in four different countries, I think that SG is such a happy country! My husband and I are always commenting on how often we notice that people here seem to be smiling and laughing. And the people here are so friendly and certainly don’t seem to be as grumbly and grumpy and have the same kinds of problems as we experienced other people having in other places. And I can certainly say that I have never been happier living anywhere other than here – it is such a wonderful place to live!

    The only thing I don’t love about Singapore – and you can hardly blame anyone for this one – is that it is soooo hot. Which can make happiness tip #7 a challenge: Exercise. I wonder if that’s why the garden slug is so slug-like? On account of the heat and humidity?? It certainly reduces me to sluggishness and makes me far less inclined to exercise unfortunately…

    SG definitely assists with #5 though as it has some of the most gorgeous nature in the world. Not only in the reserves, but even just driving through so many of the streets here are the most incredible trees. Some of these drives are more beautiful than those seen in any cities in any other country in the world. I wonder if Singaporeans realise how lucky they are? Taking the time to appreciate how beautiful and special they are is one sure way to boost your happiness!

    Tip #1: what the?? Hmm… okay I’ve just read the article that you refer to. There’s actually also an enormous amount of research in positive psychology that has demonstrated that happiness is associated with a host of psychological and physical health benefits that would suggest that being happy is, in fact, important for reasons that go far beyond just feeling good (although that seems like a good enough goal in itself!) So I’m not so sure about this tip and would suggest instead the other 9!

    : )