Just 9 steps to a whacky birthday party!

Ling’s buddies and family members threw her a surprise birthday party at the slug just a couple of days ago.. They looked like they had a blast!  Thank you Corrine and Jensen for planning the celebration at our humble diner ! Happy Birthday Ling, stay happy & healthy always! 🙂

Step 1: Pick a Happy Spot! ( erm.. The Garden Slug is a Happy Spot , so that means, can pick us lah! )

What's a party without a banner announcing your birthday to the world

Step 2: Get some noisy paper whistles to drown out the blood-curdling yelps from the parrots next door.

Noisy party gear

Flapper - Official birthday mascotStep 3 : Get a low-fee party mascot. Cute smile-check! Bright eyes -check! Must be willing to work for just biscuits & water -check! Doesn’t mind the indignity of wearing a paper cone on head-check! Flapper is seriously the most adorable thing ever! woof !

Step 4: Get a bunch of #1 die-hard friends ! You’re one helluva lucky gal, Ling ! Your friends & family obviously adore you to bits :-)Such a sweet sight it was ..

The Entire Ling Mob

Step 5: Plan for a cute singer cum guitar stummer to serenade you the whole night with syrupy tunes.. Just don’t erm forget the lyrics. .?
Handsome young guitarist serenades Birthday Girl

Step 6: Ensure that  your birthday cake is laden with liquor

The One & Only Ling, with a giant tiramisu

Step 7 : Ensure that your kid is laden with liquor


Step 8: Get “plastered” to our walls literally!

Step 9: Take a goofy group shoot with a slug !

Sophia Slug allows a rare photo to be taken

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