It’s gonna be a Tiger Balm week ahead!


TigerBalmR_w by you.

The slugs are up to their necks in engagements this week… Don’t get me wrong, we’re definitely not complaining! Infact, we’re grateful for everybody’s support 🙂  Today, we just put together a cozy birthday event for Ling. Thanks Corrine & Jensen for suggesting our humble diner! — pics will be posted up as soon as we get them!

We engaged a cute-as-a-button singer cum guitarist, Nathan, to serenade Ling and her friends… *swoon…* ( other people swooning, not me hor.. )

Tmrw we’ve got events/deliveries at 1130am, 1pm and 9pm.. On Friday we’ll get a little respite. And on Saturday, we’ve got Zane’s bday at 3pm and the lovely folks from Oogachaga popping by for their appreciation dinner.. What an exiciting week ahead ! Pass me my Tiger Balm! Growwwl !