Happy Birthday Ashley!

Agnes x Adrian = Ashley

On Sunday, Agnes and Adrian had a birthday party for their little princess, Ashley who turned 4 🙂 Having gone through lots of kids’ parties, the slugs were prepared for an imminent cake/food fight … but the kids were really sweet and well-behaved and the slugs heaved a sigh of relief 🙂 And gosh, you must check out little Ashley’s cake.. it was a really fancy creation made from pink fondant with her favourite Disney characters, so sweet !

Agnes x Adrian = Andrea
More photographic evidence that smeared chocolate always looks glamourous on lips, regardless of age and place! Yes, they do start young these days… Say Hello to Andrea, another adorable little munchkin! Hey I just realized that their family members’ names all start with “A” ! Thank you Agnes and Adrian for celebrating your happy event at our little diner, and we hoped that your family & friends had a roaring good time- just as we did hosting the event. Pls send our regards to Little Ashley’s ah-mah too! She was such a nice lady, she came by to thank us and said some very encouraging words too.  We’ll see all of you at The Garde Slug again soon!

Oh, and 17th May was Sharon Slug’s birthday too! Happy belated birdday, hope you had lots of cake and laughter 🙂

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday Ashley!”

  1. Ashley’s ah-mah was this very sweet lady who was carrying Andrea ( the smaller grandchild) around, and even before the party started.. she came over to the bar to thank us for organizing it, and that she’s sure the food is very good… and that she thinks the garden slug looks like a nicely-set up place etc… And after the event, she came over and thanked us again 🙂

    Very nice of her to encourage us “young people” before the event. . People seldom do that, it’s always “after” the event..