5 Replies to “We miss Michael Slug!”

  1. Jason – He’s not my brother lah.

    Dennis – The layout is temporary. I crashed the site yesterday & still fixing some bugs as we speak. Managed to preserve all posts, comments etc. *phew* New layout (or new old layout) coming soon! Akan datang! Akan datang!

    But first, off to shower & have my 1st proper meal of the day!

  2. Thats right! 😀 Gotta be cramming for exam for a while.. hehehe
    Nonetheless, I will be having a LONG holiday for about 4 months afterwards….
    So, its no doubt that U will be seeing me almost everyday during that period! 😛
    Needless to say, j’aime faire cuire! and willing to go further… 😀
    Catch up with u guys soon on wednesday… 🙂