The Garden Slug goes Bananas!

On April Fool’s day, Joe slug and I decided that YES, we will sell our souls to the corporate bigwigs and go networking!! Haha, just kidding! Actually, we set up our brand stand at Play where we hawked our wares, and chatted with the business and media folks from 5degrees. We wanted a stand that was zany, humourous and filled with bursts of colours..We shared with everyone our range of food and bev services and exchanged business ideas with some very cool people. Thanks to Pin and Willie for inviting us!




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Joseph slug’s attempt at networking #1


Joseph Slug’s attempt at networking #2 .. Look how captivated his audience looks, work it, Mo-Joe!


Some of the slug supporters! ( L-R Fiona, April and Mandy)


Sophia Slug : “Hey Irene! ”
Irene Ang :”Alamak! I know you guys! I stay just 3 minutes away from The Garden Slug. You have even sent makan to my home before leh!”
Sophia Slug : “Erm, Hi Irene!”
Irene Ang: “Ay, why you call me again? Anyway, all you people must support The Garden Slug ok?!!”
Joe slug : ( mumbles to himself) “Just look natural … Just look natural … “

7 Replies to “The Garden Slug goes Bananas!”

  1. Hey Jason, thanks! On normal days, I wear proper tee-shirts, too. :p

    Yep, we had a great fun time at PLAY, meeting with lots of ppl, cool & interesting..

  2. sophia Oh so sorry can’t tell itz U, the foto a bit the dim lar. HaHaHa! yar i meant, i’ve nvr seen Joe dressed so formal! hey where’z sharon?

    i want that sticker ..

  3. hey jason! sharon’s still in malaysia helping her mum with the tax business.. Sure, we’ll set aside a slug sticker and a key chain just for you! 🙂 pop by !

  4. omg i luvvvvv irene ang! she’s a real inspiration. way to go slugs!
    please send sharon my best regards (or if you’re reading this, sharon – hope everything’s alright, take care and hope to see you again soon!)
    by the way, where has chris been?

  5. oh u havent heard? poor chris slug went for a slipped disc operation last month, and you know how these things are.. He will need at least a total of 6 mths of rest for the body to heal totally.. i think F&B may too hectic for him as there will inevitably be lots of lugging of heavy pots and pans, and endless standing and cooking..