No, we are not serving Baked Rabbit, Provencale-style!! Noooooo..

DSC02494 by you.

We found a cute bunny in the Siglap area 3 days ago, at around 730pm.. ( specifically, at the Jln Sempadan large field) It’s a 3yr old male sweetheart with pale grey fur and gentle black eyes.. Fully toilet-trained, and given a clean bill of health from the vets next to The Garden Slug.. We’re trying to find its owner, so if bunny’s yours, “fess up! If nobody comes forward, we’ll have to put bunny up for adoption.. Email me if you’re interested πŸ™‚ he doesn’t bite or snap at people, and seems very sociable and well-adjusted ..

4 Replies to “No, we are not serving Baked Rabbit, Provencale-style!! Noooooo..”

  1. Absolute latest update! Mr Waffles has become fast friends w
    my cat, Pancake..So I had to break the bad news to Wolfgang that I can’t possibly separate the 2 best buds. Now, I have a mini zoo at home… a cat + a rabbit and guppies too! Strange thing is that they get along real well , the cat will kiss the bunny on his nose occasionally ! *sweet!