We eat with our eyes..

The Garden Slug’s latest food-styling assignment! We started in the early afternoon dicing, slicing and slaving over the fire.. After much caffeine and good laughter with Dennis fotog (and dollops of poster paints and goo) , the pics turned our pretty! My aim here was to give the food some height, depth and also some rather strong stirring shapes. Colours and lighting remain naturalistic. Buon Appetit!

Maguro with pan-seared Tofu & Asparagus

Sambuca-flamed scallops with Balsamic-marinated red peppers + pistachio sand

Chardonnay-infused smoked beef atop herbed potato

wild-caught seafood poached in Matcha-accented spring water

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  1. Sharon! So sorry…you know things have been a little crazy the last two months! I promise to get back on track! Let me go on wind down rehab first! Hugs!