Perth Pics! Typos galore!


Just got back from Perth a couple of days ago. And I must say that it’s quite a misunderstood place, often maligned for being dull and uneventful. It has lots of natural beauty, it’s clean and people are generally smiley. I feel sooo.. guilty for missing work.. While I was in Perth, the slugs had to prepare for a large scale event, but as usual, they aced it! Thank you guys, for making my holiday possible! 🙂

perth by you.


 perth1 by you.


perth2 by you.

perth3 by you.

perth4 by you.

perth5 by you.


perth6 by you.

perth7 by you.

perth8 by you.

perth9 by you.






11 Replies to “Perth Pics! Typos galore!”

  1. I am so happy you had such a great trip! Looking at all the pics brought back so much memories. I have been to a great deal of these places you posted pics on! I wish I was there with you too! LOL

    Fremantle market, Cottlesloe beach, Little Creatures!, Cicerello’s (OMG), Pemberton! I am digging out my tissue box right now! So nostalgic! I miss fish and chips!

    Awwww….glad it was a great trip for ya! Hugs

  2. Hi there sophia,

    Nicholas here. afraid you dont know me yet, but thought i should just drop in a note to intro myself.

    A close fren was recommending me your establishment and i thought i would pop into your site for a look see.

    Pleasantly surprised to see your journal on perth. Brought back lots of memories for me and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely pop by on fri with my frens for a meal 🙂


  3. Hi Nicholas!

    Thank You for visiting our quirky little blog, and am glad that it brought back happy memories for you 🙂
    Actually a few other blog regulars have emailed me telling me that they miss Perth so much from their uni days/ vacations. It’s truly a wonderful place where one can do so much without breaking the bank.

    Do pop by on Friday! We’ll see you 🙂

  4. yah we all luv perth cos all the singaporean are migrate there! is like a mini singapore! hahahah

  5. wow sure brings back the memories of my student days too! 😀 it has been what, maybe 5years? I should really plan to go back again some time.
    em, don’t the other 2 slugs ever go on holiday??

    x pam 🙂

  6. Hey there Pam. Joe doesn’t like to blog and Sharon hasn’t had a holiday since May 2007! Ha!

    Send us photos if you do make that trip back to Perth!

    Take care & we’ll see you soon at TGS

  7. Wow! There’re so many of us Perth-fans here 🙂 Which uni and year are u all from?

    Won’t it be fun if the Slugs do a Perth night gathering with Aussie stuff, like fish & chips and Little Creatures or something. Bring back the memories! 🙂

    I miss Perth. It is such a wonderful place.

  8. Hey susan, we’re not from any of the unis in Perth 🙂 hehe! But it just so happens that quite a number of our friends and customers studied in Perth ! Yes, I totally agree that it was a lovely plc..
    Actually, that’s a mighty fine idea to have a Perth makan night.. I know a friend who actually imported in crates of Little Creatures, so I know its legit to do so.. We can do LC beer, Cottlesloe-style Fish n chips wrapped in paper, and Apple strudel !!Yeah! Sounds like fun..
    Would you have an email we can contact you at, should we need to check when everybody’s free ? cant wait… Our gd pal, Dennis from is also a big Perth fanboy!