Not really foul. But it is “Foul” afterall.

PIC_0015 by you.

I was at Mustapha a couple of days ago to get some canned goods in the middle of the day. I was on a mission to purchase the ugliest can of Sardines I can find ( I kid you not, but I’ll leave that tale for another day..)  Lo and behold, I saw these cans of ” Strained Foul “. I just HAD to take a snap shot of it!! Like, “STRAINED FOUL really!!??” ? I told myself I had to wiki it. Turns out that Foul is some kind of re-fried bean paste that’s insanely popular in the middle east. And yes, it is strained, hence the name. If I had to give it a garden slug spin, it will be re-named as Tender Beans slow-braised, exotic middle eastern style. Hahah.. :-0

3 Replies to “Not really foul. But it is “Foul” afterall.”

  1. hey dennis! its such a small world, i realize that you also know Zurina Bryant ? We’re going to sponsor the food for her Breast Cancer awareness event some time in May. 🙂 We’ll get a couple of invites for you ad Wilhelm. She will be exhibiting some of her new work too I think.. It’s at the oldschool place where we saw the +9 fashion show, remember?

  2. Thanks in advance Soph! Love ya lots!

    I only know Zurina because we belong to Singapore Photographers on FB! Havent met her in person yet, but looking forward to!