We had an amazing Valentine’s Day…

DSC_1067 by you.

We’ve gotta admit it..We were totally bowled over by the response to our Valentine’s day dinner event 🙂 Our little joint was packed with people in love, not just with their significant others, but these folks were in love with life itself. . We organized blind dates and friendship rallies for dateless souls, and the turnout was just fabulous.. People were enjoying themselves, having purposeful conversations and generally enjoying each other’s company. So, if you want love, you gotta go get some love, darling! Yes, pls limit your secret crushes to 2 per annum. ( especially if said crushee lives in hollywood or is married to Fann Wong etc etc)

We gave our V day diners a potted plant from Tanjong Katong nursery instead of a stalk of rose.

We hope that you get our profound drift on love being organic and real, and requiring effort and daily tending to.. Don’t get the wrong idea here, we are not love guru slugs. We just like to pretend to be all cheem and wise. :-0

Hope you had a great V day, just as we did ..Gdnite folks !