Hand-made love pouches !

Canon-056 by you.Pancake – feline superstar!

Check out www.plushism.blogspot.com ! Nico hand-makes these chirpy happy handphone knickknack pouches… I asked her if she would kindly make 1 with the likeness of my pancake, and check out what she did! Look at the attention to detail.. she actually noticed pancake’s little brown mole. haha :-)  I’m glad the D.O liked it! **phew…

This is my new gadget pouch, Mr Monsterzilla, it looks almost as crazed as I do!! Did i mention that the insides of the pouch has got pink candy stripes? Let’s support a fellow small business entrepeuner here who has the gumption to stick to her guns and her business mantra.. Support local talent! 🙂

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