We all need a lil’ oasis..

DSC02247 by you.

My talented housemate aka as the budding landscape artiste got my old water feature a-roaring with life again. Some time ago, my trusty housekeeper ( Thank you Norma!)washed all the pebbles, dried and sanitized the fibreglass tank in fear of dengue infestation.. And it was kept in my store room for almost a year.. The Budding Landscape Artiste bought plants, stone slabs and even churi’ed some of her dad’s guppies… It’s really nice having the sound of running water ( almost symphony-like when the bull frogs start to croak at night..) in the house. I’m quite happy that I’ll have a little oasis for 2009. Hope you slugphilles find peace of mind & body for the year ahead ! Keep well, folks!  We’ll see you tmrw 🙂