“Wang Lai Matcha Katcha”

Say hello again to our 100% hand-crafted, all natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colouring Traditional Pineapple Tarts.

This year we are also offering something new and innovative – Matcha Pineapple Tarts. It uses real premium unsweetened Matcha powder, giving the tarts a gentle kiss of green tea.
All hand-grated, hand-kneaded, hand-mixed and hand-baked by Judy Lim (Joseph’s sis!).

First, for some gratuitous P-Tart p0rn, followed by ordering info.

Traditional3.jpg   Traditional2.jpg
Traditional1.jpg   Matcha1.jpg
Matcha4.jpg   Matcha5.jpg

Gratuitous promotional poster.
CNY tarts 2009

Actually, click here to order online. [You will be brought to a separate ordering page. Our online payment transactions are handled by PayPal.]

Apx 25pcs for a small tub, and 40pcs for a large tub.

Dates and such

• Sampling: Pop by from 11 January to sample. (Do you require samples for corporate sales? Pls e-mail or contact us directly.)

• Pick up: Products can be collected anytime from 20-27 January.

• Online orders: Can be picked up 3 days after online booking, or let us know your date of collection.

• Delivery: Orders of 10 tubs of any size – FOC delivery to 1 location within Singapore.
Delivery charge to 1 location for orders under 10 tubs – $35 nett.

Nyom nyom.