(Rather) old news! – Our all organic Christmas Star!

Christmas Star made from cinnamon sticks, by Maye-E

Thank you Maye-e! One of our favourite sun-kissed customers ( who’s also a kicka** fotog) made us a cool Christmas Star made from a bunch of Cinnamon sticks, satay bamboo pick and leftover wire 🙂 I was lamenting to her that we lost our Barbie doll Christmas angel, and she actually crafted this replacement for the slugs- how sweet! She and Michael (Our most vertically-blessed slug) climbed up the ladder and tied it to the top of our humungous tree. Should have blogged this pic earlier, but all our eyes were glued onto Turkey TV ( that’s the slug oven, geddit?… hahah! ) for the past 7 days.. ** Maye-e, I hope you’re ok with us borrowing this pic from Facebook** THANK YOU ! And we hope u had a lovely holiday with your family & friends!

~will update Tree Porn pics of the new crochet angels that Sharon’s mum made, once I get down to the slug on Wed~

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