The Essential Guide to throwing a fabulous Christmas Soirée


Due to overwhelming demand (phones ringing off the hook, turkeys flying off the shelves, you get the picture…) we’ve extended our Christmas Take-home Kit ordering deadline to 21 December 2008.

‘Tis the season for cosy home parties, reminiscing and rekindling, with great company and abundant food.

Impress your guests & loved ones ~ here’s how to do it the quick & easy way.

You will need just a few essential items:

(1) The turkey.

Preferably already honeyed, herbed and stuffed. Don’t get your hands dirty. It’s Christmas!!

(2) The Bratwurst. (lots of it)

We hear this year the German ones are all the rage. The trick is in the condiments you provide by the side. Pair it with the sauerkraut and the french mustard – guaranteed can’t go wrong!

(3) The Chicken Wings.

What’s a party without the chicken wings?

(4) The Ruffage.

Also another must-have. It shows your guests that you CARE about having the balanced diet, even amidst all the festivities. Toss in the cranberries and the toasted nuts for that extra Christmassy touch.

(5) The DESSERT!

‘Cause the desserts are fun-fun-fun!

(6) The good wine, the wall decorations and the cute Santa/ elf/ snowman costumes!

And you’re all set! Good to go!

Or you know what? You could let us do all the work for you. Lagi easy, right? We will even bake you a kick-a**, giant Shepherd’s Pie.

You don’t have to get off your seat. Don’t even have to pick up the phone.

Just book online ~ (it’s the next best thing to telepathic communication!)

The Garden Slug (and a few borrowed christmas elves) will take care of everything for you. If you’re quick with the clickety-click of the mouse, we’ll even throw in a good bottle of Shiraz Cabernet.
(you’re on your own with the wall deco & costumes though…)

Click here for the full menu.

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