Shareub Apparel, The Garden Slug, and Calvary Welfare Home thank you

… for your kind support in our virgin Buy 1 Give 1 Christmas Project. Together we sponsored & donated a total of 139 Christmas t-shirts to the orphans and abandoned elderly of Calvary Welfare Home.

We’ll be shipping out your t-shirts today by mail, and hand-delivering the sponsored shirts to Calvary this Wednesday afternoon.

Here are pictures of some happy outings the home organises for its residents. They are wearing polo shirts from a previous sponsorship this year. We’ll try to post more recent photos soon!




*Shareub Marketing supplies promotional products, corporate gifts & apparel. It is a co-venture of The Garden Slug’s.

**Calvary Welfare Home provides care and shelther for the needy regardless of race and creed. They also have centres for the mentally and physically disabled, battered women & children, as well as special education for children with autism, and centres for drug rehabilitation.

3 Replies to “Shareub Apparel, The Garden Slug, and Calvary Welfare Home thank you”

  1. Kudos to you guys for such great charity efforts! Nice and apt way to close the year! I love that you guys are so caring! No doubt my favourite cafe in Singapore!

  2. They are very well-behaved too! Malaysia has some strange laws regarding adopting from orphanages, so it is quite likely these children will grow up in/ remain at the Home until they are old enough to live on their own.