Time to brag about our divine new Xmas tree!

Retro crochet stars made my Sharon Slug's mum :)

Joe + Chris + José (our cute new slug) + myself started work at 430am today.. Unbelievable as it seems, we had 5 events lined up and so we had loads of prep work to do.. I took this picture of our new Christmas tree, as soon as I saw light.. Check out the luscious firs.. It’s REAL :-)…And it smells absolutely divine. If you look closely, you can find pegs with white painted hearts & little green wooden ladybugs. Check out the tri-coloured fussili.. Joe mentioned that we’ll cook them for staff lunch after Xmas, haha. (I hope he’s kidding! :-0 ) 

And look at those oh-so-retro crochet stars! Sharon slug’s mum actually made them by hand, aren’t they absolutely gorgeous?!!

Our divine new Xmas tree
Xmas-Tree Porn!

fussili decorations = Awsum
More Tree Porn!!

4 Replies to “Time to brag about our divine new Xmas tree!”

  1. I think your tree is to die for! I love it that it is fresh just like your food! Hehe

    But better not stand Chris next to the tree for photo taking lah…he mayjust start munching on the fusili (which I tot was one of the most innovative and witty and apt thing for you guys to use as xmas decorations!)