“Yes Mr President!”

Trio of Sweets

The Garden Slug scored itself a cool event on Thursday.. Mr Oscar Arias Sanchez, the president of Costa Rica was in Singapore to conduct some trade talks and we were tasked to create a healthy lunch for him and EDB.

We par-cooked the courses at the slug kitchen, and finished the cooking/ plating at the EDB kitchen.

This was the menu we prepared for Mr Sanchez:

1. Blended White Button mushrooms in organic Porcini stock, with warm panini and Pesto Pinenut oil by side

2. Chilled rocket and frizzy greens with grilled Chicken Breast, sweet cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of multigrain vinaigrette

3. Japanese Snow Cod baked with rosemary and olive oil on a bed of pureed roasted carrots and garlic. Served with hand-moulded Holland Potato Cake encrusted with fresh chopped parsley and soy bacon. pan-seared warm tri-coloured Antipasto completed the ensemble.

4. Trio of Sweets – signature Brownie Popsicle coated with semi-sweet french chocolate, Ripe Strawberry dipped in Exquiste white chocolate and dusted with hand-mortared pistachios & Shot Glass of Vanilla-infused Seaweed gelatin layered wth reduced oranges pulp and topped off with custard & Cinnamon sugar. A sweet crystaled cinnamon stick completes the look.

Unfortunately, we only managed to take a quick shot of the last course, Lunch was served at a breakneck pace as I think they had to go for another meeting after a quick meal…

The EDB folks were warm and they created a workable pantry for us to whip up lunch. Thank you to Hui Shi, Raymond & Felicia!

We’re glad that they enjoyed lunch and the butler service provided by our very smartly-decked out Joseph , Chris and Hans slugs. Starched white shirt + Black Tie = so M.I.B haha!

Right after that event, we rushed back to the shop to pick up another load of party food for the FSV 15 event ( Film-Sound-Vison 15th Annv) … And headed straight to Movida at St James Powerstation for a 250 guests party.

pseudo-"artistic" shots...

The shots were quite badly-lit…. sorry! We were in such a rush, really didn’t have much time to do much to the camera. We bumped into ex-slug Jonathan and we saw Pierre Png and his wife ( can’t remember her name! ooops) , they’re soooo THIN! Basicaly the event called for artsy food items with minimal eating fuss.. So we made some of our usual pretty food.. Strawberries… Brownies…. And also a special new item- industrial-looking ( Intentionally mass-produced look and feel) cups of Pasta Aglio Olio in identically-labeled plastic cups, served with chop sticks. – Installation Food Art, anyone?

Ok, gotta rush to the shop now, Michael slug needs a new frying pan!! And Tofu !! And Salt!!

More updates later! But not much Food pOrn, sorry. Hope you guys are not too disappointed!

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