Help sponsor t-shirts for orphans & abandoned elderly

Charity Project Xmas 08 ~ Buy 1 Give 1

Help us bring some festive cheer to the young orphans and abandoned elderly folks at Calvary Welfare Home in Johor Bahru.

Buy 1 Give 1 – SG$9.99 each. For every 1pc you buy for yourself, Shareub Apparel* sponsors 1pc to Calvary. Click here to view & purchase the Christmas t-shirts.

Know more about the Calvary Welfare Home** (Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari) – website:

*Shareub Apparel is a sister venture of The Garden Slug.

(Just briefly – Shareub Apparel supplies t-shirts, polo tees, caps, sportswear, bags etc., as well as gifs and premiums like USB flash drives, stationery, lanyards, mugs, flasks, towels, etc.)

**Calvary Welfare Home provides care and shelther for the needy regardless of race and creed. They also have centres for the mentally and physically disabled, battered women & children, as well as special education for children with autism, and centres for drug rehabilitation.

Long story here: Some months ago a lady called me up -let’s call her Madam J- saying she’d like to order 500 t-shirts for an orphanage.

The next day I hop on a bus to Johor Bahru to visit Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari (PKK) (Calvary Welfare Home* in English). My job was to liaise with the administrator on the t-shirt style, colours, artwork etc. They could have anything they wanted, and at the end of it Madam J takes care of the bill.

After we finished “talking business”, one of the co-ordinators, Andrew, took me around for a looksee. I realised PKK isn’t “just an orphanage”. I’d call them a one-stop-shop full-service welfare home! I visited the old folks home, the teenage home and the orphanage, the latter being the most memorable part of my visit.

I sent their artwork for production and in a few weeks PKK received 500 brand spanking new, top of the line, smart-looking polo shirts. Blue for the men, purple for the ladies, and maroon for the children. That was the completion of my liaison with Madam J and PKK.

But every now and then, my heart stirs and I still think of that one tiny Indian boy who had the most earnest, round eyes. He kept talking to me about football.

Kak awak main bola sepak tak? Kenal David Beckham tak? (Sister do you play football? Do you know David Beckham?)

He spoke rapid, fluent Malay and didn’t wait for my answers.

Where are you from? Do you like football?

I coudn’t keep up with him! The other boys were teasing him by now and telling him to leave me alone but he wouldn’t let up.

How did you arrive here? Did you walk? Can you walk here from Singapore? Do you play football in Singapore? Do you have a car? Do you know HOW to play football?

I never got his name nor a photo of those lovely dark eyes that bored their way into my heart. Andrew tells me someone “found him in a village” when the boy was a baby and brought him to the welfare centre. He is five years old and he’s lived in PKK all his life. That’s why he speaks Malay and not Tamil. I think I’ll call him little David in my thoughts, after his favourite football star.

Inspired by Madam J,  we thought we’d like to give little David and his friends a big bundle of cheery t-shirts for the coming festive season. We put together some simple and chirpy designs, and today we’re printing a fresh batch of Christmassy t-shirts as we speak, full of cottony goodness and happy wishes.

Unlike Madam J though, we am nowhere near able to donate 500 t-shirts to Calvary.

We’d like to ask you to help us out, if you like. For every Christmas t-shirt purchased, we donate a t-shirt of the same size and design to Calvary Welfare Home. We’ve made some in children’s sizes too. If you do the math, we’re not making any profit out of this project at all.

They’re available for purchase at our online store from now till the 14th. All orders will be despatched on the 15th itself, both to you and to Calvary.

If we can make it to just 50 shirts donated (we’re aiming low..) we would consider this a success and a half! We’d also appreciate any other help/ feedback/ tips you’d like to offer for this little project 🙂


You may also visit the Calvary Welfare Home website here, and get in touch with them if you’d like to help out in cash, in kind, or by volunteering some time and energy.

If you’re visiting the orphanage, bring a football with you 😉