Need Part-time Slugs and Full-time Slugs

[Updated: 30 June 2009]

We are hiring. Seriously.

Part-time Slug

Able to commit a minimum of 25 hours a week, for a period of 6 months or more. Job scope & staff benefits listed below.

Full-time Slug

5-day work week with a maximum of 44 hours per week. Job scope & staff benefits listed below.

Staff benefits:

– Staff meals, overtime pay, after-hours transportation provided if shift ends late at night, generally one of the best working environments in Singapore.

Job scope:
– Able to multi-task: Make beverages, desserts, taking menu orders, taking care of customers’ needs, being friendly (yes, all at the same time).
– Occasional kitchen work + housekeeping duties.
– Off-site corporate and private party food planning, execution & set-up. A strong back and some muscles required.
– Serious applicants only please.
due to certain gov’t restrictions, currently we are able to hire Singapore citizens and PRs only. Singapore citizens, PRs and foreigners welcome to apply.

Know anyone with the right values, energy and passion to be part of an indie-run diner like ours? Send ’em our way. Are you one of these rare people we’re looking for? E-mail your CVs to with the subject Part-time Slug or Full-time Slug

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