A sweet note from Clara of GII

“Thank you very much for all your assistance during our planning for Genesis II’s Silver Jubilee! Your accomodation to our every request made it much easier for us and we have enjoyed working with you. We will definitely be recommending Garden Slug to our friends and of course, GII will be back! =)
Kudos to the top notch service! Attached is a photo of a very satisfied customer”
on behalf of Genesis II’s Anniversary Committee- Holy Family Church

Clara & Genesis II Anniversary Committee

A quick note from the slugs : We had so much fun organizing the 90 guest -party for the GII members from Holy Family Church (which is just a stone’s throw away from us). Clara and Melina made the planning a breeze with their kind assistance and we must definitely thank Alyson and Aaron for recommending us to their church mates. It was a very very heart-warming sight to see our little diner over-flowing with happy folks.The Garden Slug was awash in an unexplainable glow on that night 🙂

Thank you everybody who made this event possible!

3 Replies to “A sweet note from Clara of GII”

  1. Hey Soph!

    Thanks for always keeping me in mind! I look forward to her call!

    See you around! I popped by today but you were not on shift today! Hehe