Thank You Nicholas & Clare !

New Comfy Corner

Yes– we’ve finally added another cozy chillout corner! So, we have TWO loungey areas for tired souls and delicious gossip 🙂 Now I just have to lug that low coffee table from home to complete the look.. A big shout out to Nicholas and Clare for giving us their comfy sofa.. THANK YOU! for helping us create a more comfy place for the easties .. For the past year or so, our regular customers ( who have become our friends!) have been incredibly sweeet… They know that we’re a small start up with limited resources, so they’ve been giving us chillers ( 3 infact!), shelves, books etc etc when they could have actually e-bayed those items off, for a neat sum. So, slugphiles, pop by to say Hi and chill out 🙂

Nicholas & Clare! We-heart-Yous!

2 Replies to “Thank You Nicholas & Clare !”

  1. Ooh looks so comfy! Can’t wait to plonk my bum bum on ’em! Thanks Nick & Claire xoxo

    Hey I remember that lamp! You’ve been eyeing it since our first visit to Silic Lighting, yes, no?!

  2. alamak! You remembered!! haha :-0
    Yar, i loveeee that lamp as it has a retractable arm 🙂 So cool !
    I sat on the sofa for a bit yesterday, and it’s soooo comfy.. It feels very nicely pre-loved 🙂 I think it’s so perfect for an afternoon tea time chit chat among friends !