The Garden Slug goes haute couture ~~

DSC02101 by you.Today, Joe slug and I went a chuggin’ in the trusty old black turtle to Old School at Mt Sophia 🙂 +9 ( a group of 9 young designers) was showing their Spring/Summer Collection.. The Garden Slug is proud that we played a lil’ part in supporting these talented local designers 🙂 The other people involved in this project are also a bunch of cool cats like Toni & Guy ( best haircuts in town, no doubt about that) , Adidas, Dr Martens and 42 Below Vodka.

Enjoy the pics! ( Food Porn + Fashion ( not) Porn )

DSC02102 by you.

Cheese Board + Grapes ~ Port Salut, Danablu, Aged Edam and Golden Brie

DSC02103 by you.

Signature Brownie pops dusted with hand-crushed ginger snaps + White choc-dipped Strawberries

DSC02111 by you.Funky Menu Tent Card… A bit Mondrian, you think?

DSC02109 by you.Some wall art we saw and fancied

DSC02106 by you.Loved the sign of Gallery 2002. So hip it hurts

DSC02105 by you.Free Flow Vodka-laced beverages, we like!

DSC02117 by you.We actually saw people snapping pics of our food using their handphones. We feel like superstar food designers!

DSC02099 by you.

The DJ and projection booth doing a sound & light test.

DSC02121 by you.810pm..

DSC02120 by you.812pm..

DSC02122 by you.Let the strutting begin!

DSC02138-1 by you.

DSC02127 by you.

DSC02130 by you.

Btw, Thanks Dennis and Willehm for popping by 🙂 But Dennis, you forgot the feather boa, as promised!

Overall, it was a really fabulous event, and gosh we saw Wykidd Song, Hossan Leong ( I think it was him?), Daniel Boey etc etc. Such Celebrity whores we are.. Not! Our initial grand plan was to hobnob and get contacts, make small talk, tell these fashionistas about The Garden Slug.. But Joe slug and I ended up pretty much just talking to each other, and getting sloshed. Ha! So much for PR’ing…. We’re so not smooth at these things.. haha.

Ooo, it’s almost 230am ,and I’ve got an early day tmrw, so I better go bury my face in the pillow now.. ZZZZ!

3 Replies to “The Garden Slug goes haute couture ~~”

  1. Thanks for inviting us Soph! We had a great time! Sorry we left earlier because William got bitten by the gym bug! Haha..we loved the energy that night from the crowd and the buzz!


  2. Thank you for the props Sophia! The food was delicious and certainly complemented the excellent showcase by the incredibly talented +9 designers. Look forward to seeing you at one of our salons!

  3. Hi TONI & GUY !
    Guess what? I’m like a rabid fan of yours:-)
    Usually I go to your Heeren branch and Max / Serena is my stylist 🙂 But recently, Ive been going to your East Coast branch and looking for Raimie … I’m always bugging all my friends to go to Toni and Guy… Incredible cuts and incredible service!