A Trip Down Lorong Memory

This time of the year, I always start to reminisce.

About how we were crazy enough to set up a 60-seater restaurant on a shoestring budget…

Sophia Slug & Joe Slug Sharon Slug

… and how we decided on the name “The Garden Slug” in August 2006…

but we couldn’t afford to hire a graphic designer. So in our usual stubborn, rebellious, bootstrapping spirit… decided to just do it all ourselves.

Brainstorming... Brainstorming...


I marvel at how we survived on a manpower of 4, sometimes 3½.

Elaine & Joe
It didn’t deter us that we weren’t in the heart of Orchard Road, or somewhere more “happening” with heavier foot traffic.
#01-59/61 Bright Centre, Lorong L Telok Kurau  Back door

We couldn’t afford it anyway.

Opening Soon Opening Soon Opening Soon

And I reminisce about our series of firsts.

Our first catering event, ever.

First Catering Event
Our first celebrity-endorsed catering event, ever.
Sophia, Moses Lim, Joe

Our first namecards with map at the back… which was horribly wrong!

Old Map

And a year and a half after opening, we installed our first credit card terminal.
We now accept credit cards!
For all our struggles, the Powers That Be awarded us with a big, fat “A“.

Grade A

We could never afford advertising. Not even a quarter page of any publication.

Somehow, we were entrusted with doing bigger and more “artsy” events each time…

Eye Openers

Maybe it helped that we were so incredibly charming, witty and irresistibly good-looking…!

Joseph Slug Crab fiesta! oopsie
We thought we’d be millionaires after two years. We were grossly mistaken, of course. Good looks can only get you so far.
So what have we now, after residing in the quietest corner of the world for two years?

tgs opening soon

We have you! …and you, and you, and you, … and you!

David Lim's 60th Birthday Bash Fangirls Glenda & Friends!

We have smiles and warmth and laughter and celebrations and furry friends…
The Beatles cover band Popsicle Fans Unite! Handsome Harvey by Kelly & Ida

…and a bunch of diligent, passionate young Slugs.. who travel all the way from Bukit Panjang and Ang Mo Kio to work with us.

Young Slugs at Halftime The Slug Family
We wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world!

OK maybe for a million dollars we’d trade you off in a heartbeat, without blinking too.

Just kidding 😉

We’d do it all over again. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Table 14

But we couldn’t have done it without you. And you, and you. And you.


3 Replies to “A Trip Down Lorong Memory”

  1. Thanks for all the minestrone soups, spicy gumbos, delicious bruschetas, mussshroom soups, lemongrass iced teas, chilled wine glasses, yummy cheesecakes…

    Thanks for letting us slug around on a lazy rainy afternoon, for the doggie biscuits and water dish for Harvey.

    It’s not just the fabulous food but all the little sluggie things that you do that make you special! You’re our favourite cosy corner!

    And thanks for deciding that the east side rocks!

  2. Hey Ida! 🙂
    How’s it going? Guess what? We finally got our act together and hooked up the PC to play music…. Yes, we’re such tech-dinos, thank goodness Joe slug’s an IT geek.

    So now, you’ll hear bits of the 2 CDs that you and kelly got us some time ago 🙂
    Thanks for the cool music.. I’m eternally grateful that I don’t have to listen to another radio traffic report again EVER!!

    Joe made a funny comment yesterday about listening to local weather reports on the radio. Joe: , ” Whats’ there to report? The weather’s the same all throughout the year in Singapore ”

    We’d see you and Kelly ( and harvey boy) around soon, have a great weekend !