We’re closed on Mon & Tues ( 6 & 7 Oct)

Hi! We’ll be closed Mon and Tues for some off-site corporate functions.. Pop by Wednesday onwards for your fix of slug grub 🙂 We’re open 10am-10pm wed-sunday as usual!

3 Replies to “We’re closed on Mon & Tues ( 6 & 7 Oct)”

  1. Welcome back Sophie slug! Hope you are recharged and rejuvenated from the great trip! See ya soon…Yes I so need some slug grub!

  2. hey! Im so sorry I didnt get you Brokeback mountain… I only saw the blog msg after I got back… I have a friend going to BKK next mth, I’ll ask her to get for you 🙂

  3. Hey love! Dun need lah! Not important darling! LOL I am going BKK in Nov. Will scout around! Hehe glad you are back safe and sound!

    See you in a day or two!