IMASLUG – foto contest!

Here’s a little foto contest for everyone. Send us your best Slug impersonation!

Prizes are goodie bags full of … goodies! Goodies like VLE (Very Limited Edition) t-shirts, mugs, cool USB gadgets, and other cool/ fun/ useful/ geeky stuff (a little something for everyone). There’ll be grand prizes and many other little prizes. We won’t reveal too much about the goodie bags now or it’ll spoil all the fun Ssshhh!

Just three little things:

1. There’s no age limit. Get the 2-year-old and the geriatric to give their best shot at mimicking the Slug!

2. Keep the file size under 500kb.

3. Only one submission per person.

Send us your entries with the subject “imaslug” by e-mail or MMS


MMS: +65 9225 7913

Please include your name and contact details.

 closing date: 5 October 2008

You may even submit your entry as a short video clip if you like! Keep it under 10 seconds.

There’s also the option of posting your photo/ video entries on our Facebook page.
The first 10 entries get extra cool prizes (the early bird catches the slug, heh!)

We’ll post all the submissions here on our website so everyone can vote for their favourite / best Slug impersonator!

This is Chris’ best attempt at it. Don’t worry, staff are not eligible, so no competition here.

Whip out your digital SLRs or your phone cameras and Snap away! We can’t wait to see who’s the most Slugly-looking of them all!

3 Replies to “IMASLUG – foto contest!”

  1. Haha! It’s very rare for a restaurant to have a blog. I must say this is one of the most interesting and exciting ones ever! 🙂 Keep up the good work sluggies!

  2. I must agree with Win. On top of that, it’s a cheerful looking website/blog too, love the bright colors here. It’s as colorful as the walls in your shop too.

    i’m popping by again this week for your chicken kebabs (i think i’m addicted! i hope they’re stil available?) and wash it all down with lemongrass iced tea.