She sent us not one but THREE Pear William shots!

I visited The Garden Slug with my family and loved your food! My brother mentioned that you have a blog and I thought I’d send you these photos – if you have any use for them at all:] They are attached to this e-mail. I’ll probably drop by this saturday for dinner, can’t wait to have the Pear William again! Meanwhile, thank you for the good food and take care!

Best regards,


The Ultimate Steak Sandwich!

Bangers & Mash!

Orange-glazed Grilled Buttermilk Chicken!

Pear William I

Pear William II

Pear William III

3 Replies to “She sent us not one but THREE Pear William shots!”

  1. Ohhh how I miss the sluggg! All the times I had to fight with kids in strollers to get lychee sodas delivered to the right table and the irritation when the coffee machine runs out of water half way through steaming. I’m going to start being like Samuel and come down to the Slug to study and eat! All of you are dearly dearly missed!

  2. Haha! Happening? Yes you could say so I guess. My uni friends are all really fun people. I’ve been great. How about you guys? You have absolutely no idea how I much i miss the slug… Gee, please take me back during my hols. Heh.