Save the Cats!


In her spare time, Sophia Slug bakes little kitty cookies for a Mini Bazaar. The good folks at said Mini Bazaar sell these cookies to raise funds for The Blessings Home for Cats. Proceeds from the sale go wholly towards buying cat food, all 200kg of it. The welfare home houses about 200 stray/ sick/ abused/ discarded cats (and dogs also) till they are adopted. [I wonder if the dogs eat cat food?]

We don’t make a cent from this. Just doing our bit. Stop by and grab one of these homemade-handmade-made-with-love cookies! Or better still, if you’re not allergic like me, bring home one of their little feline munchkins!

Me: “So what goes into a cat cookie? Tuna + flour + eggs?”

Sophia: “It isn’t for the cats to makan, it’s for the cat owners!” :-0

Just dark-chocolate dipped cookies with sugar cat face icing and red heart flour quins.

Give their volunteer, Fiona, a buzz at 97456657 if you need more info/directions to The Blessings Home.