La Limace de Jardin va le minimaliste chic!

Translation : “The Garden Slug goes Chic + Minimalist”

Joe slug and I went without sleep for 48 hrs for this very special project.. The rest didn’t do that well in the sleep department too.. Zoozoo had 1 hr of sleep,Michael had 2 hrs, and Hans was our snooze champion at 2.5 hrs! :-0

A bit more on this recent project.. Our client, a 5 star chain of hotels wanted to create a brand immersion event for their staff and decided to hire us to complete the total look and feel. The key words of the day were, ” French, Minimalist, Chic, Modern and Clean”. Their brand colours were black+white+grey+splashes of red. The slugs designed all the food labels and collaterals to reflect their brand identity.

DSC01808 by you.1st station: Vinegar

Note the glass jars filled with Aceto Balsamico, Mirin and Taragon Malt Vinegar.. Instead of just having them as display items, these jars were used to hold the glass piece. “Form and Function”- just like our client’s brand. We featured (1)Roast beef rolls with shaved Parmagiano Regiano glazed with Vinaigrette emulsion and (2) Grilled Tiger Prawns with Tamarind and Mango Chutney topped with dried Mango bits.

DSC01807 by you.2nd station: Spices

We filled vases with exotic items like Kashmiri cherry chillies, Javanese cinnamon sticks ( also known as Sweet Wood) and King-sized Bay Leaves. We made some (1)Japanese cucumber boats stuffed with Cold Ratatouille and dusted with organic sesame seeds (2)Grilled Apple cups stuffed with buttermilk chicken cubes and sour spicy green apples,glazed with lemon-grass infused oil

DSC01814 by you.3rd station: Salt

Check out the Sze Chuan Salt, Rock Salt and Fleur de Sel ( fancypants unrefined Sea Salt ) We crafted some (1)Battered Potatos stuffed with Caviar and dusted with Sze Chuan salt..(2) Baby squid dusted with Lemon ginger salt skewered with zucchini discs and fire-blistered cherry tomatoes

DSC01812 by you.A closer look at those babies… Yum scrums! 🙂

DSC01805 by you.4th station : Chocolate

Ahhhh…Chocolate! What’s “Better than chocolate” right? Well, maybe except for a whole trough of them!! We filled these retro-looking ice troughs with semi-sweet french chocolate and bitter pure cocoa powder… Edible props we like!! We tweaked our signature Brownie popsicle item for this project. (1) Double Chocolate Brownie coated with french chocolate and dusted with crushed Ginger snaps & candied Ginger pieces. (2)Lean Turkey cigars rolled with Holland mash and slivers of bitter chocolate. It doesnt taste that weird actually, the chocolate slivers imparts a very smokey taste to the turkey.

DSC01817 by you.5th station: Sugar

We filled these very utilitarian-looking glass jars with Gula Melaka, Rock Sugar and Pilloncillo ( a kind of cane sugar from Latin America) .. (1) Tortilla stuffed with apple goo, crushed macadamia nuts and cinnamon. (2)Caramel soft Nougat glazed with Royal icing and crushed Pine nuts.

OPEN YOUR EYES!! ~ We were tasked to create some drink shots which our client creatively termed as “Eye openers” as they opened their audience’s eyes to different taste and colour sensations. She is a branding genius, I must say.. And of course Joe slug, being our Beverage Maestro rocked !

DSC01818 by you.Look at the sight of the backdrop where we presented our Eye Openers.. Bold black and white swirly graphics in the background + and our bright and chirpy fruit props juxtaposed against that. It was really quite a sight to behold.. And now for the Eye Openers!

DSC01819 by you.We served the Eye Openers in chilled shot glasses.

DSC01820 by you.Yes, somebody ate the Strawberries before we could display them… tsk tsk tsk

DSC01821 by you.Honeydew and Chilli may seem like an unholy union initially, but trust me, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never wanna go back to your straight-laced Honeydew milkshake.

DSC01822 by you.And now, for the Piece de resistance! We blended some organic Cherries to get this beauteous drink.. This is what Seinfeld meant when he said, “I just had a fruit orgasm“. This drink should get a warning label, I tell you!

DSC01823 by you.A soothing finale..

After all that fruity excitement, we thought it’d be appropriate to calm the audience’s senses with a mild Pacific Punch.. We added our signature Garden slug touch and tossed in some Thyme, Mint ad freshly-grated Ginger.

It’s unbelievable but Yes, we survived and lived to tell the tale! At some point, we were so exhausted that we felt like someone just poured half a gallon of salt on us poor , tired slugs.. But we drank half a tank of coffee and charged forward.. We couldnt bear the thought of disappointing our client and we wanted to realize that vision that we had in our heads..

So slugs, you did good! Thank you everybody for being so understanding and so adaptable.. A very special shout out to Zoozoo and Hans for being at the event with Joe slug and I.. And for our darling slugs Michael, Chris & Shaun for holding the fort while we were at the event.

And now for that long-due massage!

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