Welcome Back Chris Slug + Wanna join Team Slug?

Chris makes a mean prata pizza, his specialties being the Ham & Grape, The Ancient Mariner, and The Garden Slug pizzas.

Ham & Grape Pizza The Ancient Mariner The Garden Slug Pizza

Speaking of Chris, it’s no secret that he had to leave us for awhile, due to family matters. After a good half year, armed with “life experience” and a new zest for his chosen profession (i.e. being a Slug), Chris is back at The Garden Slug. We are glad to have him back. Like Michael, Chris was training as Kitchen Assistant before he had to leave. Now he’s almost all trained up as a cook proper!

Some old pictures of Chris hanging pictures.

p/s: Chris is the bald one.

Photographs by Dennis Chong

We often say we are blessed to have honest, hardworking kids like Michael and Chris working with us. (Okay, we have to stop referring to you as “the kids”, but we can’t help it. You make us feel old!) We know it hasn’t been easy, being a small startup and often lacking in resources like funding and manpower. But you grit your teeth and pushed through with us anyways, with your strength, patience and creativity! We are always grateful to have you guys, and even though we may not say it much, you know we love you from the bottom of our hearts. The same goes for Shaun, Zun, Deepa, Hans and April.

That being said, we are always on the lookout for young, talented individuals who are willing to work hard to learn the ins and outs of running a humble li’l diner like ours. Give us a buzz and send us a resume. [ see hiring criteria ]. We promise we won’t bite 😉

Buzz anyone of us: Sophia 8138 7539 | Joseph 9006 4163 | Sharon 9225 7913

Send Resume to: justask@thegardenslug.com