Way Overdue Anniversary Pics

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for the longest time. (I know. An 8-month delay is unforgivable. You may shoot me.)

This is really what happened on our 1st Slug Anniversary! It was the end of what Joe would call an “all in a day’s work” kind of day, we were just about to close shop, when suddenly Chris Slug comes with a lovely cake. (don’t know where Sophia Slug got this cake from, this one here’s the real deal!) Thank you Chris, for remembering and for bringing cheer to this special day (which we almost forgot, absent-minded geezers that we are..)
Thanks for the photos, Amanda & May Ling! 🙂
L-R: Michael, Sophia, Sharon, Chris, Joseph, Deepa

L-R: Michael, Sophia, Sharon, Chris, Joseph, Deepa. 8 Dec 2007

Yes, our little slugs are very cute. And no, we still won’t give you their phone numbers. We’re very protective. Now stop perving.
Ye Olde Slugs

Ye Olde Slugs

As for these three here, their phone numbers are displayed everywhere. But nobody wants (except for the occasional catering enquiry or two). Sad.

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