We saw Koh Chieng-Mun! Oh yes, and Arthur & Ron’s got a new salon :-)

Right=Joe slug, Left=Arthur

Our friends, Ron and Arthur just started a new hairdressing salon and academy ( www.vantagegroup.com.sg) and it was their opening reception this afternoon 🙂 Joe and I got invited so we popped by to congratulate the talented duo. Joe was quite excited at the prospect of checking out the congratulatory flower stand that the garden slug sent to the guys.. It was a gorgeous ! The stand was in a deep shade of maroon, and full of exotic blooms like Bird-of-Paradise flowers and anthuriums. Check it out..

I’ve tried many other florists before, but I feel that www.greetingcuts.com is still the best.. Tasteful arrangements with unusual flowers at a good price.

Their salon is located at 123 Devonshire Road , Tel 67353280. It’s located just across the Youth Park, behind the Telecom Centre.. They’re having an opening July special of 50% off all cuts,perms and treatments. So, for the hairstyle-challenged slugphiles out there, we urge you to go before month end.

Another view of their Salon Vantage. And for the record, Yes- we did see Koh Chieng Mun there, seems like she’s a regular of Ron.. She looks like a glam taitai in person and looks really friendly too. So, do pop by Vantage to say Hi to the boys ok? CONGRATULATIONS Arthur and Ron, may Vantage be a fruitful and happy venture 🙂

p/s: Sorry if you were brought to the wrong website. Vantage link fixed. -Ed.