The slugs became “Food impressionists” for a day

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any food p0rn and we’re so sorry for that.. But here are some shots that we took at a really.. fabulous event that we did yesterday. Aye See & Joanne from Savvis ( one of the biggest interational IT support firms around) wanted us to create a series of food items that represented different artists ( Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Monet). She felt that the Savvis brand represented a very artistic and “boutique” way of managing IT needs. So the slugs were tasked with creating food that complemented Savvis’ artistic vision of turning their media launch area into an art gallery.

**Note that Savvis actually hung a plasma screen looping stories on each artist at each food table. Cool bananas!**

This is the Cheesecake ~ Bar that we placed at the Monet section. Guests were seen having fun ” painting” their little glasses of cheesecake with our handcrafted Edible Fruit Paint 🙂 We wanted to highlight the brand point of Savvis being a personalized solutions provider.

This is the Cezanne section. Notice the bowls of peaches and cherries? It’s our humble way of paying homage to a typical Cezanne oil painting. He seems to have a penchant for drawing fruits ( of a non human variety hehe). There’s also a rustic cheeseboard with Danablu, Brie and Aged Edam. Those tiny Cherry tomatoes were stuffed with Spinach and button mushrooms with a touch of garlic oil and topped with chopped seeds.

Later in life, Degas often experimented with new ideas on early cubism. So we thought we’ll create 3 mini sculptures using cubes of melon speared with feta and stuffed olives. The pumpernickel squares topped with lemon-grass infused cream cheese and chives were there to provide some regular food, haha.

Gauguin is known for his paintings of scenes from the tahitian region, so we feature dsome elements which we felt best represented the Pacific region. We made some chicken roulade stuffed with caramelized bananas and cinnamon, we used cinnamon sticks instead of typical food picks for a more funky touch. When we think of the pacific, we think of the sun, sailing boats….. hence, we made some pacific zucchini “boats” topped with roast beef and multigrain mustard.

Renoir- the master of creating intimate potrayals of people and activities. Some of his most famous paintings featured some very sensuous and voluptuous women. And hey, what’s a more voluptuous fruit that a plump, red strawberry right? So, we coated some huge strawberries with creamy white chocolate and dusted the babies with pistachio powder. For a fun touch, we displayed them on palettes to go with Savvis’ art gallery theme. Renoir often met his friends at the “salon” in Paris, which was often filled with cigar smoke.. So we made some smoked ham cigars stuffed with hand-crafted mash, and twirled with green leek, for a touch of colour.

We dig humourous food and we’re so thrilled that Aye Se and Joanne “got it” instantly and started chuckling. Did we mention that those 2 ladies are so cool?! . Check out these semi-sweet chocolates that we embellished with ears drawn in white chocolate.. Guess which artist do these chocolate ears represent? :-0

Yes, we moulded loads … of these chocolate ears, “I seriously dont think I can ever look at another chocolate ear the same way again, ever. “We just made a joke there, by the way. :-0

One of our butler trays of assorted artisan finger food for the night.Our ever intrepid, Colonel Chris slug went around making sure that the guests stayed happy and full 🙂

Sloshed people= Happy people. Savvis got their lovely selection of wines from Darryl of Wineaffaire (hp 90021024). Hans and Leo were smartly decked out in crisp white shirts, black pants and bistro-style aprons and a cute maroon beret. All the slugs provided efficient, friendly service. The Shiraz Carbenet and the Chardonay went beautifully with the food.

In summary, I think the event was phenomenal, we had so much room to get creative, we did what we love to do, and best of all, we felt so appreciated by Aye See and Joanne , who gave us so much creative leeway and trusted us to execute it The Garden Slug way 🙂

Thank you Chris, Zoozoo, Hans and Leo for working so hard to create a seamless event and for rocking those bistro outfits!! hehe. And of course, to good ol’ Joe slug who is truly a maestro at keeping everything organized with perfect precision, and taking care of every little aspect of the event. Btw, poor joe got cut really badly by a broken glass yesterday, I wrapped up his poor finger with 3 plasters, still looked pretty bad… But it was also quite a funny sight seeing Joe sticking up his mummified middle finger at everyone that passes by. :-0 – (He had to lift his finger upright to stop the blood from gushing further.)

Ok, I gotta go! I’m meeting Joe slug to swing by Arthur and Ron’s fabulous new hair salon at Devonshire road. Will update you guys with some photos by tomorrow.

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  1. Alamak! Forgot to take pics of the slugs in their chic outfits! Will get chris slug to do a posed picture for us one of these days! :-0
    Don’t say I didnt warn you, Chris!
    Too bad Michael slug couldnt go for the event, I can imagine that he’d look so elfin and cute!

  2. I’ve yet to cater from you for a private party. But looking at the pictures here, and having had your alacarte food at the Telok Kurau cafe on a regular basis, I would say you Slugs are already very good at what you do. Whoever made this post should write in a more confident manner!

  3. He seems to have a penchant for drawing fruits ( of a non human variety hehe).

    i don’t get this line, are there fruits of a human variety? 😛

  4. hi passerby!

    well, I know many fruits which are of a human variety.. hehe. :-0
    Perhaps Sharon slug can elaborate further..

    Gotta go Gotta go…. It’s going to be a looooong day tomorrow! We’ll be swinging by Novena square to do a pre-set up.. Expect new FOOD PORN by Saturday 🙂