We’re opening Mondays & Tuesdays! from 6pm onwards :-)

Starting from 14 July Monday onwards…

We’ll be opening Mon & Tues nights for dinner( 6pm onwards for dinner) as we have gotten so much feedback on not opening every day .. Yup, we know you slugphiles need your fix of Old-fashioned Chicken Broth.. especially Dennis fotog, hehe.

That means that we’ll be open 7 days a week. We’ll probably do this for a month or so, to see if any of you guys swing by for dinner..
If you need more info, just drop me an sms/call at 81387539 or you can have a chat with Joe slug at 90064163. Hope to see you folks soon

3 Replies to “We’re opening Mondays & Tuesdays! from 6pm onwards :-)”

  1. Great, now everyone knows I am a chicken broth addict! LOL They are so good they make me go weak in the knees!

    Oh yeah, good to know you guys are open to curb nurse our Monday Blues! Don’t work too hard! Hugs!

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t get the in-joke, who’s this Dennis guy and why does he get mentioned in every other blog post! It’s getting slightly annoying, maybe it’s just me.

    That aside, I’m so glad you’re open 7 nights a week now! Hip Hip Hurray!

  3. hey Melinda 🙂

    Dennis was one of our earliest slug fans who supported us right from the beginning and We hosted the launch of his photographic exhibition some time ago. Check out http://www.fotocology.com

    * Ok, we’ll be a bit more discreet about our obvious adoration of our fave fotog*

    Do check out new community board when you’re at the slug! It’s a bit like the kind you see at Cold storage, where you can post notices on your garage sale, if you’re looking for a housemate etc.

    It’s still quit new ( and empty!!) , so do clip something on it 🙂

    Do swing by soon , and have a great weekend ahead~